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The augmented document platform that everyone can use

HTML5 extends PDFs features by adding a layer of interactivity while maintaining full consistency and integrity with the PDF standard: get the best of both worlds! With Wizeflow you can now turn the attachments you send with emails or via your digital campaigns in real landing pages. You will boost the commitment of your communications. For sure.

Your documents become interactive

Add compelling interactions, apps or media to offer services and boost customer engagement

Make decisions quicker

Get deep analytics and usage Insights, instantly. Be prepared for your next meeting with real-time intelligence.

A 24/7 access to your documents

Control viewer access and manage updates online, without resending

Powerful tools to add value to your documents

You can add powerful interactions to your documents, organize your content and get key insights in one place. No coding skills required, all actions can be performed directly using our online tools.


Augment your documents

Add interactions to your static documents. Videos, comments, call-to-actions, interactive HTML displays, etc.: transform your traditional PDF files into intelligent landing pages. With Wizeflow, you will create new generation PDFs, which you will share via a unique ‘smartlink’ link.

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Device, editor with 3D objects illustrates the cross complementarity between ARGO Editor and mobile devices


Manage the distribution of your augmented documents

Increasing a PDF document is a good thing. Distributing a PDF document intelligently is a (much) better one. With Wizeflow, you can tag each augmented PDF with the name of your recipients, no matter how many, and track the document’s path to each customer. Of course, you can automate the distribution.


Key insights at your fingertips

Have you ever wondered whether your documents have been received, read, forwarded, or completely ignored? Opportunity insights help you understand what’s happening after you hit ‘send’ thanks to real-time notifications that will allow you to measure the commitment of your customers. Who hasn’t dreamt of following their sales tunnel in real time, knowing who opened their proposal, when and for how long? The Holy Grail of sales in a nutshell.

Augmented document sharing for every team

The Wizeflow platform offers features that can be exploited by your teams regardless of your industry.

VC & purchase

Stay informed

Deliver stunning proposals that win and be alerted instantly when prospects view your sales deck, proposals or quotes.

Know where they spent time

Be better prepared for your next meeting with our page-by-page analytics.

Update once, update everywhere

Made a mistake? No Sweat. Update your files anytime, even after sharing them. Make sure your content is up to date, your prospects will never have to know.

Secure link sharing

Your proposal for your client or your investor deck are ready but you hesitate to send them by email. Thanks to Wizeflow you can not only secure access with a unique contact-by-contact password, but also create a unique and traceable sharing link that allows you to know, at each step, who received and consulted it, page by page. You can never be too careful.

Make your document interactive

Add links, interactive apps and interactions or video to demo your product directly from the document.

Update once, update everywhere

Your offer has grown? Has your news changed? Don’t panic! Update your files instantly even after you’ve shared them.


Create stunning templates in minutes to share with your team and augment their documents.


Engagement and usage details are tracked in real-time to notify you the instant your prospect opens your document. This lets you reach out at the most opportune time to keep deals moving forward.

Easy collaboration

Store your campaigns and templates in dedicated folders to facilitate easy team collaboration and reuse of what works.

Improve your teaching

Level-up all your teaching materials with interactive add-on such as video, audio-files, links and visuals to illustrate your lessons and make them memorable.

Stay informed

Be alerted instantly when your students view your documents, know where they spent time and if they’ve gone through all of it.

Update once, update everywhere

Update your lessons anytime, even after sharing them, your students will always be up to date!

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