About Wizeflow

Wizeflow provides solutions to augment the power and scope of Documents and help them participate squarely in the Digital Transformation wave that is sweeping across our business practices. It offers among others deep understanding of Document viewing behaviours. This goes for multiple cases such as attachments via email, emailing campaigns, direct communications via social media or when they are posted as downloadable files on your Web site.

Wizeflow maintains total integrity of the original Document structures. There is no compromise whatsoever with regards to precision, readability or quality. Files remain printable and legally binding: they ARE the original files, just rendered digital to allow for a host of new services.

Wizeflow provides amazing depth to a formerly "opaque" field of communication, which has been left in the "blind zone". The  formerly static and non-interactive document medium is able to enter fully into the interactive and digital web era.

This enables you to build powerful document strategies and establish a much more meaningful relationship with your contacts, customers and prospects.

About document Insights

The depth of insight and value proposed in Wizeflow solutions was previously available only in analytics solutions for websites and mobile application, where we all expect to have full visibility into usage patterns.

On the other hand, the fate and usage of .pdf and .jpg documents that you send via email, download or share via social media have mostly remained a mystery. Document viewing has been left in a total blind zone.

In fact, we have known very little about the efficiency of our communications and how users appreciate and consume Documents they receive as attachments.

This is now over. Wizeflow changes the paradigm, raising Documents to the level of experience and efficiency of the web. It does this thanks to advanced and patented technology that you can access directly through our free or paying solutions on

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Every PDF document, infused with the ability to drive business outcomes!
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A world of possibilities
A world of possibilities
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Interactive | Traceable | Secure
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* Manage their distribution easily
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* Find them instantly and know who viewed what
* Secure who can print or open them
* Add amazing interactions into the web world
Update or revoke them even once sent
Secure who can print or open files
Get notified instantly and know who viewed what
Enrich pages with engaging HTML5 interactions
Manage distribution easily
.. and have them drive more business for you!
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Interactive | Traceable | Secure
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