Say goodbye to the days when documents were static and disconnected!

Turn them into Live Business Solutions

Introduce the power of the Web
directly within your PDF files

Integrating pdf html5

Get the best of both worlds!
With Wizeflow you can now turn the attachments you send with emails or via your digital campaigns, into active HTML5 apps that boost your CRM and your business.

The WizeDocument becomes a secure Web object with its own URL that any navigator can view

The HTML5 features are linked deeply with the various PDF content elements.

The underlying PDF remains untouched and fully compliant with the standard

Any PDF can be used and no change is applied to the PDF structure itself

Say hello to WizeDocuments!

1 - Get deep analytics and usage Insights, instantly

2 - Control viewer access and manage updates online, without resending

3 - Add compelling widgets/apps/media to offer services and boost customer Engagements


Gain advanced document analytics and reports

Real-time Notifications
Know as soon as your documents are opened and see their engagement in real-time.

Use any Messaging Service
Wizeflow fits right into your existing workflow, share enriched documents without leaving your favourite messaging services

Viewers & Leads Insights
Get a precise understanding of  viewer details, know what they are interested in, how often they view your attachment and who they send it to.

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By Session


By User


By Date


By device

By Page


View the status instantly!
Your dashboard opens a world of understanding about the efficiency of your communications and how to target the most attractive cases.


Exercise powerful distribution management

Crypting, Signage, Security
Password protect your documents, time expire and restrict downloads. Sign and Crypt.

Update & Revoke
Simplify distribution, control the versioning and viewer access even after documents have been sent. turn off access,

Direct Cloud Access
Upload your files directly from Dropbox, Box, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. Upload from anywhere and manage your files online.

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Gain unique control!
Never worry again about what you send to your contacts. Keep complete control even after completing your campaigns.


Add unprecedented, enriched services and media

Create Engagement
Offer innovative viewer engagement and bi-directionnal contact opportunities inside your documents.

Tease your Leads
Open up revenue opportunities directly within Presentations, Contracts, Sales Literature, Leaflets using HTML5 web interactions.

Augment your Documents
Easily add URL's, email contacts, direct phone triggers, images, gifs, videos and sound to make your documents easier to use and more compelling.

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Simply Drag and Drop!
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Boost the efficiency of every document you send

Connect your CRM or your Messaging platform via a simple API for your email campaigns.

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