Personal Data Protection Policy

WIZEFLOW processes Personal Data (such as this is defined hereunder) as part of its business activities, which includes Personal Data of people who use WIZEFLOW services via the WIZEFLOW Websites and/or applications (hereinafter referred to as “Digital Platforms”).

This “Personal Data Protection Policy” (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”) is intended to inform all natural persons concerned (hereinafter “You” or “Your”) as to the manner in which WIZEFLOW collects and uses Personal Data and the ways in which You can control this use.



The Policy is applicable regardless of Your Hardware, regardless of which Digital Platforms You use to access WIZEFLOW services (Websites or applications) and at all times.

This Policy outlines the principles and guidelines for protection of Your Personal Data, which includes Personal Data collected on or via the WIZEFLOW Digital Platforms. WIZEFLOW collects Personal Data online (including by email) or offline; this Policy is applicable regardless of the mode of collection or processing.

The Digital Platforms may propose links to third party Websites likely to be of interest to You. WIZEFLOW does not have any control over the content of third party websites or the practices of third parties in terms of Personal Data protection. Consequently, WIZEFLOW hereby relinquishes all liability concerning processing of Your Personal Data by these third parties. It is Your responsibility to seek information concerning personal data protection policies of these third parties.

Personal Data Collection


Visitors (viewer)

No personel data collected

Browser version, OS, and traffic measure are also collected

In all instances, Personal Data collected is however limited to data required for the below purposes.

WIZEFLOW pays particular attention to obtaining the consent for collection of Personal Data.

WIZEFLOW as Controller

WIZEFLOW as Processor

PLEASE NOTE: WIZEFLOW is under no circumstances whatsoever liable for the Personal Data entry of Your prospective clients on the Digital Platforms or in documents stored on these. WIZEFLOW may also not be attributable for processing of Data which does not concern this Personal Data.

Purposes of Personal Data collection

Personal Data is generally collected so as to allow for proper operation of WIZEFLOW as well as improvement of marketing and advertising efforts of WIZEFLOW, better adaptation of products and services offered by WIZEFLOW to client requirements or respect of declarations concerning obligations for which provision is made by law and other activities necessary for the optimal use of our services.

WIZEFLOW as Controller

WIZEFLOW as Controller collects and uses Personal Data for its business activities and for the following purposes:

WIZEFLOW as Processor

WIZEFLOW as Processor only collects Your Data and that of Your Clients for Your legitimate interests following consent of each of the parties.

WIZEFLOW as Processor collects and uses Your Personal Data for its business activities and notably the following purposes:


The Digital Platforms may use cookies or other technologies which collect or store Personal Data. Cookies may be permanent (and remain after You log out of the Digital Platforms so as to be used during Your subsequent visits to the Digital Platforms) or temporary (and disappear when You log out of the Digital Platforms).

WIZEFLOW uses cookies:

WIZEFLOW may also use third party services (such as Google Analytics, LinkedIn, etc.) so as to perform services on its behalf and notably to:

In this instance, invisible pixels and cookies provided by these third-party service providers may be used and stored. During the transfer of information generated by cookies, the parameters of cookies ensure that the IP address is anonymised with geolocation and prior to storage.

When You browse on the Digital Platforms, cookies are activated by default and data may be read or stored locally on Your hardware. You will be informed the first time that cookies are proposed, and You can decide whether to accept or refuse. By continuing to use the Digital Platforms, You expressly accept the use of cookies by WIZEFLOW.

You can also configure Your browser so as to automatically refuse cookies. However, if this is the case, some functions and characteristics of the Digital Platforms may not correctly operated and You may not be able to access some parts or services of the Digital Platforms.

Personal Data Processing and Management


WIZEFLOW oversees protection and security of Personal Data that You choose to send it, so as to ensure their confidentiality and prevent them from being damaged, misused, destroyed or disclosed to unauthorised third parties.

WIZEFLOW has taken physical, electronic and organisational protective measures to prevent any loss, improper use, access or unauthorised distribution, alteration or destruction of Personal Data. Amongst these protective measures, WIZEFLOW integrates specially developed technologies to protect Personal Data during transfer.

As all Personal Data is confidential, access is limited to employees, service providers and agents of WIZEFLOW on a need to know basis as part of their mission. All people having access to Your Personal Data are bound by an obligation of confidentiality and risk disciplinary measures and/or sanctions if they default in respect of these obligations.

However, it is important that You take care to prevent any unauthorised access to Your Personal Data. You are responsible for the confidentiality of Your password and information in Your account. Consequently, You should ensure that You close each session in the event of shared use of the same computer.


Data is stored, archived and encrypted by leading hosts in Europe and Canada.

Storage and Conservation

Personal Data processing notably includes the use, storage, transfer, adaptation, analysis, modification, declaration, sharing and destruction of Personal Data depending on that which is required in light of legal circumstances or requirements.

All Personal Data collected is stored for a limited term in line with the purpose of processing and solely for the duration for which provision is made by applicable legislation:

WIZEFLOW as Controller

Data Duration
For any contract signed with WIZEFLOW, the following Data is stored for the indicated term: 5 years after the end of contractual obligations
Identity and contact 5 years after the end of contractual obligations
Commercial relations 5 years after the end of contractual obligations
Connection data 12 months after collection
Payment terms 13 months after debit
For canvassing, WIZEFLOW stores the following Personal Data for the corresponding durations: 3 years from last contact
Identity and contact 3 years from last contact
Connection data 12 months from collection
For direct marketing, WIZEFLOW stores the following Personal Data for the corresponding durations: 3 years from last contact
Identity and contact 3 years from last contact


WIZEFLOW as Processor

Data Duration
For Your canvassing requirements, WIZEFLOW stores the following Personal Data of Your prospective clients for the corresponding durations: 3 years from last contact
Identity and contact 3 years from last contact
Connection data 12 months from collection
For Your direct marketing requirements, WIZEFLOW stores the following Personal Data of Your prospective clients for the corresponding durations: 3 years from last contact
Identity and contact 3 years from last contact


PLEASE NOTE: WIZEFLOW is under no circumstances liable for the Personal Data that You enter in documents which You store on the Digital Platforms.

Privacy Center

WIZEFLOW, as proof of transparency, offers its users a Privacy Center which is a privacy management platform allowing You to access Personal Data You have conferred to WIZEFLOW in real time.

Transfer and Communication of Personal Data

European Union

In the event of accessing the Digital Platforms from a country which is not a member of the EU and whose legislation pertaining to collection, use and transfer of data differs from those in the EU, You accept and consent in line with this Policy to transfer Your Personal Data to the EU.

WIZEFLOW may transfer Your Personal Data outside the EU, under the condition that it ensures, prior to transfer, that entities outside the EU, which includes affiliate companies and subsidiaries of WIZEFLOW, offer an adequate level of protection, pursuant to European legislation.

Third parties

WIZEFLOW only sends Your Personal Data to companies, organisations or third parties in the following circumstances:

WIZEFLOW does not share Your Personal Data with companies, organisations or third parties unless, in good faith, access, use and protection or disclosure of this Data is reasonably justified to:

If WIZEFLOW should learn that a third party to whom WIZEFLOW has sent Personal Data for the aforementioned purposes, uses or discloses Personal Data without respecting this Policy or in breach of applicable legislation, WIZEFLOW will take all reasonable measures to prevent or bring an end to such use or disclosure. These transfers may take place by Internet or any other method deemed as necessary by WIZEFLOW pursuant to applicable legislation.

Your rights over Personal Data conferred

WIZEFLOW undertakes to process and protect Personal Data which You send us in a loyal manner in agreement with the GDPR. However, it may be that You decide to take action over this data. You have several ways of acting, including the following:

Notification of Personal Data infringements

In case of observation of an infringement of personal data likely to lead to a risk for the rights and liberties of natural persons, WIZEFLOW will notify the control authority (the National Data Protection Authority [CNIL]), by the latest 72 hours after becoming aware thereof. Where necessary, we will notify You:

Where applicable, where the infringement is likely to lead to a high risk for the rights and liberties of a natural person, WIZEFLOW will contact the people concerned by any personal data infringement. Communication with the person concerned will include the following information:

Dispute resolution

Although WIZEFLOW has taken reasonable measures to protect Personal Data, no transfer or storage technology is totally infallible.

However, WIZEFLOW is concerned to guarantee the protection of Personal Data. If You should have any reason so as to believe that the security of Your Personal Data has been compromised or misused, You are invited to contact WIZEFLOW at the following address: dpo(at)

WIZEFLOW will investigate all claims concerning the use and disclosure of Personal Data and seek to resolve these pursuant to the principles appearing in this Policy.

Unauthorised access to Personal Data or the improper use thereof may constitute an infringement as defined by local legislation.

Effective date and Modifications to the Personal Data Protection Policy

This Policy may be updated in line with WIZEFLOW requirements and circumstances and if legislation requires. We consequently invite you to regularly read updates.

Any translation of this Policy or any content of the Digital Platforms are only provided as a guide.

If any stipulation in this policy, binding You to WIZEFLOW is declared invalid or unwritten by a judge, all other stipulations remain applicable ipso jure. WIZEFLOW reserves the right to amend or re-write the stipulation in question.

Acceptance of the WIZEFLOW Personal Data Protection Policy

As soon as You access the Digital Platforms, You unreservedly accept the Personal Data Protection Policy. If You do not wish to comply with the rights and obligations indicated in the Policy, WIZEFLOW invites You to leave the Digital Platforms and not to access these in future.

By accepting the Personal Data Protection Policy, each User uses the Digital Platforms pursuant to their intended use, the rights assigned by WIZEFLOW and regulations applicable and/or in force.


For any questions concerning this Policy, to no longer receive information from WIZEFLOW or for any request for a modification, addition, update or deletion of Your Personal Data, You can send an email to the following address: [email protected].